Frequently Asked Parking Questions

1. I want to move my vehicle to another spot before 2 hours expire to avoid a ticket. How far do I have to move it?

Vehicles parked in an area where parking is limited by time must move from the block face of the vehicle's parked position before the expiration of time indicated on posted signs on any day except Sundays and public holidays, unless otherwise indicated upon any of the streets within the city as designated by the city traffic engineer.

"Block face" is defined as one side of a specific city block where signed time limited parking is available.

2. When is the 2-hour time limit enforced?
The 2-hour time limits on-street and in the parking garages are enforced Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

3. I got a parking ticket, what do I do now?

You may pay this on-line at or mail a check to Parking Administration Manager, 415 W. 18th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82001.  If you have further questions call (307) 637-6586.

4. Doesn’t the police department have more important things to worry about than parking?
Parking enforcement transferred from the city clerk’s office to the police department along with the parking enforcement employees. This results in some increased administrative duties for the department, but does not pull police officers off of their duties to do parking enforcement.

5. I bought a parking permit before the police department took over this program. Is it still valid?
Yes. Your parking permit is valid until its expiration date.

6. Can I park for more than 2 hours around the O’Mahoney Federal Building (2120 Capitol Ave.)?
In the past, federal employees could park in the timed spaces (in violation of the law) with an agreement that there would be no enforcement in those areas. We believed this was inconsistent enforcement for those who do not have this same agreement and must pay for a garage permit. Thus, we asked the City Traffic Engineer to assess the area to determine if timed spaces were necessary since there is little private business in this area. That was done, and the timed signs were removed from various streets around the Federal and State office buildings.

7. Do I need a permit if I have jury duty?
Jurors can park in the two city garages for free for as long as they serve on the jury and the court will provide the jurors with parking permits.

8. Is my on-street VIP Parking Pass/Super Special Parking Pass still valid?
No. There were many of these passes in the community that allowed VIPs and former VIPs to park anywhere with immunity to citation. We questioned if this was fair for the honest-hard working downtown employees who must pay for garage permits. These special permits have been canceled until the need can be assessed. When a new automated parking management program is implemented, we will evaluate issuing special permits.

9. I have a disabled permit/license plate. Do I have to move my vehicle after 2-hours?
You can park for longer than 2 hours in a handicapped space. There has never been any clear distinction if the on-street disabled spots are limited to two hours or not. Thus, we are going to interpret that these spots are not limited, and drivers may use them all day if they have a disabled placard or plate. The City Traffic Engineer is assessing this issue and the possibility of creating more spaces in the future.

10. Why are the parking fines so high/low?
The fines for parking are set through the Cheyenne Municipal Court.