Hours of Operation

The Records Division is open to the public Monday through Friday from 08:00 – 17:00 and closed to the public on Saturday, Sunday and city observed holidays.


Online Records Request

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Contact Information

307-637-6540 - Phone

833-339-0721 - Fax - Email

**Do NOT send records requests to the above Email, use ONLINE RECORDS REQUEST above **



The Records Division is created to function as the repository of all records collected by the department and to ensure, at a minimum, report accountability, record’s maintenance, and a central point of record retrieval. It is the responsibility of all Records Technicians to abide by the State of Wyoming’s public record laws (W.S. §16-4-201 through 16-4-205) regarding all documents, reports, and notes they control.


The Records Division will provide quality management of police records and data accuracy. Records technicians ensure custodial quality control for records/data accuracy, maintenance and retention as required by local, state and federal law. Records technicians address customer service and public relations situations relating to records management. Respond to requests and inquiries from public and departmental personnel in a courteous and professional manner.



W.S. 16-4-201 Public Records is defined as “any information in a physical form created, accepted, or obtained by a governmental entity in furtherance of its official function and transaction of public business which is not privileged or confidential by law.” (emphasis added)


“[A]ny written communication or other information, whether in paper, electronic, or other physical form, received by a governmental entity in futherance of the transaction of public business of the state or agency, institution or political subdivision of the state. . . .” W.S. 16-4-201(emphasis added). u Information: “means opinions, facts, or data of any kind and in whatever physical form kept or maintained, including, but not limited to, written, aural, visual, electronic or other physical form.” Id.


Any person including individuals, business entities, and media may inspect or get copies of public records.


Custodian is the Official Custodian or any person having personal custody and control of public records.

Official Custodian is any officer or employee who is responsible for the maintenance and keeping of the records or any authorized person that has personal custody and control of the records.


Juvenile Records Requests

Requests for a police report or background check regarding a juvenile, will need to go to the City Attorney for review and approval. Government issued identification is required. Parents or Guardians requesting the information will be required to provide the juvenile’s birth certificate or acceptable proof that the juvenile is theirs at the time of the request.


Accident Reports

The Cheyenne Police Department maintains accident reports only when the damage to a vehicle is less than $1000 and there was no bodily injury. 

For all other requests please contact Wyoming Department of Transportation by either their web address link, physical address, or phone number to request an accident report:


                         Accident Reports

                         5300 Bishop Blvd

                         Cheyenne, WY  82009    



To fill out a Delayed Accident Report, Click Here.(PDF, 585KB)   *Note: This form is not a police report but rather a form that allows driver and vehicle information to be exchanged.*


Fee Schedule

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