Fallen Officers

Stanford 1.jpg

Deputy Chief George "Bill" Stanford
  • Badge: P301
  • Tour: 22 Years
  • End Of Watch: August 13, 2007
  • Age: 45

Deputy Chief George Stanford suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in the department's mandatory physical fitness training.

He was running on a treadmill in the department gym when he collapsed and was transported to a local hospital where he passed away.

Deputy Chief Stanford had served with the Cheyenne Police Department for 22 years. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

shuck 1.jpg

Officer Dennis Merwin Shuck
  • Badge: P12
  • Tour: 12 Years
  • End Of Watch: August 23, 2006
  • Age: 54

Officer Dennis Shuck succumbed to injuries sustained two days earlier when his department motorcycle collided with a pickup truck as he attempted to stop a traffic violator.

Prior to the collision, he had activated his emergency equipment as he attempted to pass the pickup truck on the right. The truck driver also attempted to move into the right lane and struck the motorcycle.

Officer Shuck was transported to a local hospital where he remained in critical condition until succumbing to his injuries.

Officer Shuck was a US Air Force and National Guard veteran. He had served with the Cheyenne Police Department for 12 years. Officer Shuck, a widower, was engaged to be remarried and is survived by his son, daughter, and six grandchildren.

Jernigan 3.jpg

Patrolman Jack Norwood Jernigan
  • Badge: 18
  • Tour: 30 Years
  • End Of Watch: March 4, 1954
  • Age: 50

Patrolman Jernigan was shot and killed after he and two Air Force policemen answered a disturbance at a local restaurant. During the encounter the suspect attempted to gain control of one of the officers' weapons. Patrolman Jernigan pushed the Air Force policeman out of harms way and drew his weapon. He and the suspect exchanged shots and were both fatally wounded.


Patrolman Hugh C. Petrie
  • Badge: Unknown
  • Tour: 5 Days
  • End Of Watch: June 7, 1919
  • Age: 32

Patrolman Hugh Petrie was shot and killed by one of three suspects he had arrested and was taking to the local jail. He was shot at the railroad crossing on Carey Avenue. Despite a reward for the killer, the suspect was never apprehended.

Patrolman Petrie had only served with the agency for five days, previously serving as a fire man. He was survived by his wife and six children, his parents, five sisters, and three brothers.


Patrolman Charles Henry Edwards Jr.
  • Tour: 2 Years
  • End Of Watch: January 23, 1907
  • Age: 32

Patrolman Charles Edwards succumbed to a stab wound sustained four days earlier while attempting to arrest a man who had been involved in a fight.

The subject had thrown another man through a window at a local saloon at the intersection of Sixth Street and Ferguson Street. Patrolman Edwards and another officer were standing nearby and went to investigate after hearing the breaking glass. As they approached the suspect started to run away and Patrolman Edwards pursued him.

Patrolman Edwards caught the man as he turned into an alley. The subject suddenly stabbed him once in the chest with a small pocket knife. Patrolman Edwards fired two shots at the man as he continued to flee, then chased him down and apprehended him.

Once they returned to the saloon Patrolman Edwards collapsed. A doctor dressed his wound and it was believed he was going to survive, however, he contracted pneumonia and died as a result four days later.

Patrolman Edwards had served with the Cheyenne Police Department for two years. He was survived by his wife, son, father, brother, and two sisters. He was stabbed on his 32nd birthday.

A special thanks to LCCCC Dispatcher Rick Fisher, prior to this no photo was found of Edwards. In 2015, Rick did a great deal of research and was able to locate Edwards photo.