Mission Statement & History

"Protecting the Legend"

The Cheyenne Police Department is "Protecting the Legend" of Cheyenne by working in cooperation with citizens to lead the charge in preventing crime and defending the rights of the community.

History of the Mission

Cheyenne sprang up in the path of the transcontinental railroad in 1867 as it crossed the great plains.  Nicknamed "Hell on Wheels,"the rowdy town of railroad workers and soldiers from nearby Fort D.A. Russell was teeming with numerous saloons and burlesque theaters. Cheyenne did not remain a wild town for long, as a booming livestock industry attracted investment from eastern and foreign cattle barons.  With this new wealth, Cheyenne developed fine hotels, theaters and the first opera house west of the Mississippi.  In the 1880s, Cheyenne was the wealthiest per capita city in the world. The state Capitol's dome was even covered in gold leaf.  Folks came from all over to "Live the Legend" that Cheyenne was known for.

The Cheyenne Police Department was created to protect residents and visitors alike.  Cheyenne is still the hub of state government, progressive business and destination for those who wish to "Live the Legend" of the old west.

Much like the earlier lawmen who gave their blood, sweat and tears to protect Cheyenne from the outlaws of yesterday, the professional women and men of today's Cheyenne Police Department continue to be leaders in public safety by fulfilling its mission of "Protecting the Legend" that Cheyenne is known for.