Citizen Advisory Group (CAG)


The CPD Citizen Advisory Group represents a committed and diverse group of community members appointed to affect positive social change and bridge gaps between police and community through dialogue, collaboration, education, and understanding.

Members contribute their time and talents to help the CPD to sustain transparency, increase credibility, gain support, obtain outside opinions, and receive direct feedback on policies, practices, and procedures. Basically, members will serve as a sounding board and will bring concerns of the community to the department’s attention and function as a resource and information-gathering body in matters of public safety and crime prevention.

The group will be available to assist the CPD in organizing, working, and communicating with the public about upcoming non-enforcement community events with the goal of building and maintaining trust and relationships. As well, the group will offer its assistance and support in CPD ceremonial events, i.e., graduations, award ceremonies, retirements, etc.


Membership is limited to 12 individuals and includes a cross section of the community, such as, business and civic leaders, state and local government personnel, church representatives, and interested members of the public.

Submit an application (PDF, 39KB)

  1. Serve as a sounding board for the Chief of Police and bring community concerns to his/her attention.
  2. Support and assist with community events.
  3. Support and assist with law enforcement events.