Cheyenne Police Protective Association


The Cheyenne Police Protective Association is the member-run organization for sworn members of the Cheyenne Police Department. The CPPA is run by an elected board. The CPPA assists its members in professional interests as well as promoting the organization and its officers through community outreach.

  • Represent commissioned officers of the Cheyenne Police Department, who hold membership in the CPPA, by providing assistance in the processing of grievances and defending them in cases involving violations of professional or personal rights.
  • Represent CPPA members as the sole bargaining agent in contractual negotiations with the City of Cheyenne for the purposes of improving their salaries, benefits, and working conditions.
  • Participate in the formulation of departmental policies affecting working conditions, officer safety, and the efficient operation of the Cheyenne Police Department.
  • Promote the actions of its members through community outreach, as well as supporting local organizations and community groups.
  • Promote items of interest to the public which affect member-officers, and other law enforcement officers in the State of Wyoming.

If you are interested in purchasing a Cheyenne Police Department shoulder patch or challenge coin, please email with your request. Patches are $5 each and challenge coins are $10 each (including shipping costs), with the funds raised from the sale of these items supporting community outreach programs by the Cheyenne Police Protective Association.

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