K9 Unit


The Cheyenne Police Department K9 Unit has three dual purpose K9s and one scent specific K9.  Our dual purpose K9s are trained to find the odor of illegal narcotics, including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin, and are also trained to perform patrol functions. The K9's primary purpose is as a locating tool in which they locate narcotics, evidence, suspects, and missing persons. The K9's secondary purpose is as a use of force tool. The K9s are used to track, perform patrol routes, perform building searches, and perform directed searches for subjects.


After the dog arrives, the dogs and handlers complete a rigorous course of training which lasts approximately eight weeks.  The dogs are assigned to one handler and live with the officer at home.  The officer/handler is responsible for feeding, grooming, and taking care of the dog.  Once the teams are in service, they must train daily to maintain their skills and then train twice monthly as a group.


The patrol vehicles which are assigned to the handlers are specially equipped to allow a comfortable and secure area for the dog to ride on patrol. There is water and a climate control devices in place to make sure the K9 is protected from the environment.


Once the police service dog is taken out of active service because of age or medical problems, it is usually retained by its handler where it continues to be a member of the handler's family.

The K9 teams often demonstrate their abilities and duties to schools and other public organizations.
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