Police & Community Together (PACT)

The Police and Community Together (PACT) committee is an organization serving as a volunteer support group for the Cheyenne Police Department.  Members contribute their time and talents to help promote public safety, provide input into policing services, form a liaison between the community and the police department and assist in educating the public for a better understanding of the responsibilities of the police and a responsible citizenship.

Of equal importance, the members serve as a sounding board for CPD programs and procedures as well as bringing to the department’s attention concerns of the community and functioning as a resource and information-gathering body in matters of public safety and crime prevention.

Membership is limited to 30 individuals and includes a cross section of the community such as business and civic leaders as well as state and local government personnel, church representatives and interested members of the public.

Citizen participation is fundamental to achieving targeted law enforcement and involving citizens in the police planning process has many benefits. Committee members learn the limitations--as well as some of the frustrations--that police officers experience in confronting various problems. Citizens also experience first-hand the impact of citizen involvement and cooperation with the police department.

The department also benefits from the focus provided by the committee as it assists the Chief of Police in directing the department's efforts in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The organization meets every other month in the Public Safety Center.  PACT may also hold special meetings as warranted to address any pertinent issues impacting the department and/or the community.

Meetings typically include business items as well as a report from the Chief of Police and a detailed informational program on a specific aspect of law enforcement by the Chief or a designated command officer.

If a citizen has a complaint against the department, PACT is available to support citizens through the process.  This service is available for citizens who may feel uncomfortable approaching the police department with their complaint directly.  A PACT member will assist the citizen in completing and submitting the complaint form and monitor the progress of that complaint.


If you are interested in serving as a member of PACT, you must first complete a background investigation form found HERE. Once this is submitted and you have your report, you can proceed to the application HERE

To contact a PACT member with your community concerns, you can find our PACT Contact Information HERE

PACT Meeting Minutes are available HERE