A Message From The Chief


I am truly honored to have the privilege of serving the community and the dedicated men and women of the Cheyenne Police Department (CPD). 

In December of 2015 the President of the United States appointed the Task Force on 21st Century Policing and asked them to identify best practices in policing that promote effective crime reduction strategies while building public trust.  The Task Force came up with best practices police agencies should implement. CPD completed the attached report, Cheyenne Police in the 21st Century, to asses our accordance with the best practices.  The assessment revealed that our agency was already fully engaged with all 59 recommendations.  However, CPD wanted to do better.  CPD went on to accomplish the following goals to promote community policing:

  • CPD was the only agency in the State of Wyoming to complete the International Association of Chiefs of Police One Mind Campaign, which required 100% of our officers to receive advanced training in dealing with persons in crisis.  In fact, we took that a step further and deployed crisis teams to mental health calls.
  • CPD is the only agency in the state that has a full-time case manger to help our officers divert people with drug addiction and mental health conditions from the criminal justice system into social services.
  • CPD requires body worn and vehicle cameras for all officers assigned to Patrol and Traffic.
  • CPD has a psychologist under contract to provide wellness training to our employees, attend briefings and ensure mental preparedness for the job. 
  • CPD is the first agency in the State to introduce a civilian member onto our use of force review board.
  • CPD is the only agency in the State to have a citizen advisory committee comprised of diverse members so we remain connected to the issues important to our community.
  • CPD provides advanced training to our officers at a level that is higher than the national average, on topics such as de-escalation, crisis intervention and bias.

As you can see, we are leaders in community policing; that does not mean we are soft on crime.  Our officers and detectives are the best there are when it comes to bringing desperados to justice.  Cheyenne has a very low violent crime rate, and we aim to keep it that way.   

In closing, permit me to leave you with some insight into what you can expect from your police chief. I will always be honest with the citizens and men and women with whom I serve. I will strive to improve the professionalism within the Police Department and never lose sight that we can only improve the quality of life in Cheyenne by working together in a collaborated effort.

I hope you are as proud of our employees as I am; they are setting the example for other police departments to be like. 


Brian N. Kozak

Chief of Police 


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Please read about Cheyenne Police In The 21st Century HERE(PDF, 806KB)