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What a Chaplain Is

C is for CARING.  From time to time we all ask ourselves the question:  “Who cares?”  The Chaplain is someone who genuinely cares for each person he or she encounters. 

H is for HEARING.  The Chaplain is there to listen.  Solutions to problems often appear when they are expressed to someone who cares. 

A is for AVAILABLE.  Officers are the top priority for the Chaplain Corps.  Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

P is for PREVENTION.  Most often we seek help when we are overwhelmed by our problems.  By association with the people of the department on a day-to-day basis, the Chaplain can help solve problems before they become a crisis. 

L is for the LOAD we carry.  When one chooses public service as a profession, he or she takes on a tremendous load of responsibility.  There is the pressure of dealing with people in stressful situations and those who are hurting.  The pressures of the job are compounded by shift work and multiplied by personal problems one might have. The Chaplain is there to lighten the load in any way he or she can. 

A is for ANOTHER RESOURCE.  The Chaplain is another resource available to CPD personnel when there are questions on religion and life in general.  The Chaplain also has access to the International Conference of Police Chaplains lending library with information on such subjects as “children and divorce”, “dealing with depression,” and “the blended family.”  The Chaplain may also teach classes on a variety of topics such as family finances, self-esteem, and marriage and family relationships

 When serious injuries occur or death takes a member of a family, a loved one’s family, or a department member…When divorce divides a family or someone stricken with a serious illness.  Whenever officers face their hour of need… they are not alone.  The Chaplain is there to provide support and encouragement. 

N is for NOT A PIPELINE.  The Chaplain is not a pipeline to management.  Communications between chaplains and CPD personnel will be kept confidential as provided for by state Law.