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Community Feedback
The Cheyenne Police Department welcomes feedback from the community.  If you would like to commend an officer(s) that came out to help you or that you think did a good job, then please fill out the Officer Comment form below.  If you would like to submit a complaint about the department or an officer, please read "A guide to the Citizen Complaint Process" and then fill out the Citizen Complaint form below.

Officer Comment Form

A Guide to the Citizen Complaint Process

Citizen Complaint Form 

If a citizen has a complaint against the department, Police and Community Together (PACT) is available to support citizens through the process.  This service is available for citizens who may feel uncomfortable approaching the police department with their complaint directly.  A PACT member will assist the citizen in completing and submitting the complaint form and monitor the progress of that complaint.  To contact a PACT member for assistance in this process, please select a member from the PACT Contact List.  To learn more about PACT, click here.