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Online Records Request

  1. The Cheyenne Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and professional excellence to citizens requesting departmental public records. In an effort to enhance the processing of public records requests, the Cheyenne Police Department will now accept requests online. The web-based request will allow the public to file a public records request at a time that is best for them. The requested record would then be available for pick up at the Records Division, 415 W. 18th St, 8:00 to 5:00 pm MST, Monday through Friday. For further information please contact the Records Division at (307) 637-6540.

  2. Copies of reports currently under investigation and/or active WILL NOT be released until the investigation is complete. Wyoming State Statute 16-4-203 (b)(i).

  3. Allow 10 full business days to process request. If request takes longer we will contact you.

  4. We will notify you via email or phone when your request is complete.

  5. If not picked up, documents will be destroyed 30 days from the date of notification.

  6. Person listed as requester will be required to pick up report.

  7. Requester must provide valid identification with government issued photo (e.g. driver’s license)

  8. Upload a scan or photo of your government issued photo ID. This ID must match the name of the person requesting the records.

  9. If applicable

  10. Provide a brief description of why you're requesting the records

  11. If you do not know the Incident Number, please be very specific about the information related to your request and complete the fields below to include complete names, dates, times, locations or addresses and a brief statement of what occurred if possible.

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